My name is Alan Diggory. I just finished what turned out to be my last consultancy contract with a multi-national in the north east. Thanks COVID-19. I worked in business development for the company promoting its engineering interests in the north sea and around the world.
Before that I had been a marketing specialist in the IT industry, latterly in newspaper publishing and a couple of years consulting to a TV broadcast graphics company.
In between times I launched and published my own magazine titles and along the way became pretty adept with desk top publishing, which has transformed many aspects of the newspaper industry – not always for the better. But that’s another story.
And somewhere in all this – around 2014 – I took the trouble to learn to build my own website.
And people were often asking: “Do you know anyone who can sort me out a website?” in response to which I developed a profitable little side-line which I decided to turn into a proper business when I (semi) retired last year. You can take a look at some of my clients by clicking in the sidebar.
By the way the dog is Bear – who I lost a little while ago. He’s here because he was loyal, good fun and always answered my call. A promise I make to all my customers. He was the best of dogs.