I’m trying to make getting online as easy as possible. And it is easy if it’s kept simple. So let me suggest a three step solution for getting online quickly and without too much cost.

A. What’s in a name. Find out if yours is available by visiting and typing in your choices. They are my hosting company and they’ll tell you if your name is available and what suffix you can have. I like – you can’t go wrong with that.

B. Take this site as your template. Write your home page, an ‘about me’ page, some details of your products and services, a pricing page and a page where contact can be made. Do these things at least – five pages – and you’re good to go.

C. Think of your logo – your corporate identity. Do you have one. Something for the image across the top of the site. The banner. If you have some artwork that’s good, if not tell me what you need and I’ll fire up Photoshop and show you some ideas.

Assemble these component parts, email them to me and I’ll do the rest. It’s as simple as ABC.